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Isn't this game supposed to be an artillery game?
07-11-2020, 08:43 PM
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RE: Isn't this game supposed to be an artillery game?
Well people. we did it.

The game is dead now.

People can not stand the power imbalance.

Consequence is people multi logging on multiple accounts.
People reporting people they lost to.
Account stealing and sharing.
Piling on guests.

Etc. Etc.

This game could have been better. Too bad no1 cared.
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07-14-2020, 06:56 AM
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RE: Isn't this game supposed to be an artillery game?
Just saying I played one month ago on low level accounts for a few weeks and saw nothing of what you are saying except shared accounts. The game is not dead (yet), though it was greater in its gold age.

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07-15-2020, 03:47 AM (This post was last modified: 07-15-2020 03:47 AM by tenchi.)
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RE: Isn't this game supposed to be an artillery game?
From where I sit, a lot of what you say has been there since the beginning...

1. Multi-logging/accounting: I've known how to create 2 accounts with the exact same name (no tricks like numbers or special characters) for a very long time. Then there's the dual computers and other trick people have found over the years to actually play 2-3 accounts using the same device (tricky, but doable).
2. Reporting because the other team won: This was happening since the very beginning of public play.
3.Account stealing (alleged) and sharing: Again, this has been going on not just since the beginning of BEO2, but even way back in BEO1.
4. Toxicity: Assuming you mean trolling and uncouth chat, again it's something that those of us who played BEO1 have seen since then.
5. Piling on __________: For the 3rd time, it's been happening since BEO1; however, this doesn't really count as a negative because of the strategy factor that some people adopt. While it's detrimental to those playing as guests, it's not really a bad thing, just annoying.

I haven't mentioned the power imbalance point until now because it's really more of a moot point. The loadouts are completely random, so there's no complaining that A has better weapons than B or C as nobody has control of it. Those of us veteran players still around have packs because we either supported the game and its developers OR we got them through the credit events or by playing in beta (or any combination of the above).

Rog, you've been here since 2014 according to your profile, so I don't really get why you're complaining about something that you yourself have also been a part of. You may not have been party to every point you've made, but nobody can deny that they wouldn't have done at least a few of the things mentioned in your post, be it on accident or on purpose. Not to mention your parting shot of "could have been better" when you apparently missed out on the DDoS attack that shut the game down for a month (if not longer). The Donkins were working near-nonstop to get it back up and a lot of us players who knew the source of it were trying to help fix the situation from the other side. That still doesn't include the multitudes of chat bans and forum bans that have been issued since the very beginning, all the hidden, non-spam, posts on this forum (somewhere around 800, I think) or any other moderation done by myself, Grim-cat and Mageg before me, or by the Donkins themselves that none of the rest of us (moderators included) know of.

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