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Future of the game
12-17-2021, 09:52 PM
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RE: Future of the game
We're not the most public people so we haven't spoken about much of this before but I'll try to lay out some of our thoughts here and answer some of your questions. I'm going to be completely open and honest here because as loyal fans of the game it's no less than you deserve.

You're right that it was a mistake to "abandon" Bad Eggs 2 but here's how it went from our perspective:
1. We had a great run with BEO2.
2. Flash started to decline, mobile was a complete lottery and harder than ever to get users so it was a non-starter to make a game for either of those platforms.
3. We were also a bit worn out after running BEO2 for so long - we were bored of all the maintenance and having to deal with stuff like people hacking our game and websites and generally being unpleasant.
4. We decided we wanted to make a more grown up game but take everything we'd learned from Bad Eggs.
5. We put everything into Broken Ground.
6. It failed.
7. We were devastated and spent a long time trying to work out where we went wrong and what to do next.
8. In the meantime BEO2 had become harder to maintain. The technology it's built on is now mostly obsolete. It's all a bit of a mess to be honest.
9. Going back to BEO2 was not an option and after Broken Ground we had no appetite to make another multiplayer game ever again!
10. It has now been a long time since Broken Ground and we think we know where we went wrong and how we could do it differently if we decided to have another go at it.

Broken Ground was our attempt at bringing the franchise to a new audience and doing a more professional grown up game. In hindsight it was a mistake to make Broken Ground instead of Bad Eggs Online 3 (we had good reasons for it at the time but clearly it was not the right move) but that was not the only reason Broken Ground failed. The biggest reason, in my opinion, was that we failed to recognise changing attitudes, and the attitudes of the Steam userbase vs a flash/mobile userbase, towards 'pay to win' mechanics. We worked hard to balance the weapon packs in Broken Ground so that they were never more powerful than the base weapons but that didn't matter - people saw that you could buy weapons and called it pay to win.

We spent a long time making Broken Ground. Too long. So it was devastating for us when it didn't succeed and for a long time afterwards we weren't sure we'd be able to continue as a company. We did some contract work while we figured out what to do but we made a decision to walk away from multiplayer games. It was incredibly stressful and unpleasant.

Now that we've have time to recover I find myself thinking about making Bad Eggs 3 more and more. I think I know how we could do it but I'm still very very wary of going back there. I’d want to do it in as low risk of a way as possible – and even that would be a significant risk. It’s not like the Flash days where we could churn something out in three months and then slowly build it up. I’d want to do it Early Access – get people playing it as soon as possible and then add more and more features over time, but even getting to a stage where it’s playable in Early Access would take a long time.

Right now we’re getting ready to launch another game that we’ve been working on for a while and the initial reception to it has been amazing. I mean just look at this article someone has written about it: It’s been very rewarding for us to work on something completely different to Bad Eggs and something that I think we both needed.

If we find success with this new game then we’ll have two options:
1. Build on its success and make a new game in a similar vein.
2. Make Bad Eggs 3.
3. Do something completely different (who knows?!)

And if it doesn’t succeed then we’ll be back thinking about the future of the company again.

I don’t know what the future holds for us, I’m certainly not promising Bad Eggs 3, but it’s definitely something we’ve thought about a lot over the years.

Oh, P.S. We wouldn’t do a Bad Eggs: Remastered over a Bad Eggs 3. You asked if it would be less work to do a remaster but the answer is no – it would be mostly starting from scratch either way.

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12-18-2021, 01:21 PM
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RE: Future of the game
First of all, thank you Rob for taking the time to provide so much information.

I can certainly understand the reasonings of moving from BEO2 to Broken Ground. I hope this new game brings you guys a ton of success since it is very deserved.
As you know I've been asking you about BEO3 for years ahaha, so I am biased. But since you have been thinking about BEO3 a lot more now, you can take this as a sign to do it! I am joking, but I understand it can be hard to take such a big risk again especially with a big part of the BEO2 player base no longer active.

My suggestion could be to perhaps send a message on the app or give like (X) credits for free for a holiday, and see if that can slowly bring more players back since they will see the game is not completely forgotten yet. It is a tough choice I won't lie, since I would hate for BEO3 to come out and not be a success.

I am not familiar with the game developing process so forgive my lack of knowledge. The "Early Access and then adding more features later" - the first thought that came to mind was creating a basic single player/mission mode for BEO3 with like a quick story (how the eggs started going to war) that leads up to the later multiplayer version. Just throwing some ideas around. You guys are the experts so I am sure you already have thought about all the possibilities.
I hope whatever you end up deciding in the future brings the most success to Bad Viking! I know it would make younger me extremely happy if a BEO3 ever came out haha.

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12-20-2021, 03:51 AM
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RE: Future of the game
First of all I apologize for the terrible English provided by google tradutor.
I would like to say that despite the time that has elapsed, many players are still waiting for a beo3 or broken ground relaunch.
For me reading this statement means a lot, my point of view of the failure of broken ground is simply the change of public and platform, but it was never your fault, I am totally sure that with a little more patience and a little more time of Servers activated on steam would have ended up receiving the recognition it needed and with it many online players.
I seriously think that the game broken ground was not a failure, and simply with a small update adding the option of "jump" just as it had "beo" and the game is totally ready to be active again and you just have to have a little of patience, nothing more.
Then depending on the acceptance of broken ground after time you can then think about making a broken ground 2 or a bad eggs 3.
Less work, less risk of making a new game from scratch, and it seems like a very good test to see how the public reacts.
Otherwise forgetting about broken ground without a second chance would be considered a big failure.
Think that broken ground and badeggs does not belong to a highly acclaimed genre of games, they need time to become known and gain fame, but for that there is already the great community of BadEggs lovers to be able to make known to all our friends of this great I play but it takes some patience
This is my opinion.
While I will be waiting for new information about it, thank you very much !!!
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12-20-2021, 04:04 AM
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RE: Future of the game
I agree with this. The only thing is I am sure it is hard to be patient if the company is losing money or isn't generating enough. It must have been a bad start since the game shut down faster than anyone could imagine. I would for sure not take a risk that big at this time, but then again any new game seems to be a risk at this point. I think risks are needed to be successful so I am hopeful we will get something of the sort like BEO3 down the line. I just hope it isn't super late. That is why I thinking updating the BEO2 app with small updates can help keep the remaining players active. I am sure there is a bunch of unreleased shells, maps, weapons etc which should be easy to add.

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12-20-2021, 11:31 AM
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RE: Future of the game
I think it just came down to a missed opportunity and bad timing that really shortened the career of Broken Ground. I think the creators went the right direction with moving to Steam because of the slowing decline of Flash games, but the fact that BEO is still more popular today nearing 2022 than BG was upon release in its prime has to ring alarm bells. It would be understatement that the Donkin's didn't have support even when BG was shot down and that should've been a clear indicator that momentum was still on their side for redemption and could've easily salvaged this by going back to their infamous BEO roots. While I would love to see a reboot, I think it should cater to the next generation of audiences depending on interest.
Last month would've marked the 10 year milestone since I joined the BEO community and I'm proud of everyone that made this possible, especially the Donkin's. I truly believe we can rewind time and bring the BEO franchise back on the map. You still have the fanbase and support. While all of the OG players are much older now, we still have your back and want the franchise to succeed.

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12-20-2021, 11:43 AM
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RE: Future of the game
Building on what's been said, I think that the small group of us still active on the forums might be the perfect kind of early access players. You know I've already reached out and said I'd be more than happy to moderate a new game if you guys do make a BEO3 (be it in name or spirit), but giving us vets who are still on the forums the early access and a special badge would be the same as the old beta testing. On top of that, we could then, as veteran players, go on post reviews and start threads with basic info and how-to tutorials. Later, like after the first pack weapons are added, we could make posts similar to the damage thread on here and literally show people that the free weapons are no more powerful than the packs.

These are all passing thoughts, and as you and albert have said, the decision is ultimately up to you and John. As fans, we'll no doubt respect any decision you guys make.

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12-20-2021, 07:49 PM
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RE: Future of the game

Came back to this game after years. Was always fun to play back in the flash days. I'll give your upcoming game demo a check out for sure, and I am excited to see what comes !

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12-23-2021, 02:15 AM
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RE: Future of the game
Thanks for your answer Rob, i appreciate it and wish you good luck on ur future projects, thanks for the years of fun and was good while it lasted even thought for me is over (im semi retired)

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03-03-2022, 11:32 AM
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RE: Future of the game
The BEO series has cemented a place in my memories forever, beginning from BEO1 which was my first gateway to Online Multiplayer. BEO1 was also where I made new lifelong friends who I eventually teamed up with to play BEO2 and where I spent my most free time as a teen. The sound of BEO3 really intrigues me as a long term fan of the games. I would love the opportunity to play and support in a future EA. Regardless of whether BEO3 happens or not, I miss the game and the community and it was an experience I would never forget so a big thanks to the Donkin bros and the Beo community for the amazing moments.

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03-05-2022, 09:10 AM
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RE: Future of the game
Wow being back on these forums brings back so many wonderful memories and it's lovely to see so many familiar names.
I really hope BEO3 becomes a reality. The thought of it is so exciting! Smiley_Smile
100% relate to Navel's comment above, massive thank you to the Donkin bros, made some lifelong friends on this game.
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