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Clan System
12-14-2016, 07:54 AM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2016 08:02 AM by GiggoloyoloA.)
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Lightbulb Clan System
We all know and love the ideas of clans... So why not have a menu for it. It could be a tab in the "profile" section of the game. Clans has a huge variety of options and it would make the game that much better. A few ideas I have for clans are the following...

- Some Sort Of Clan Levelling System (all XP earned from any member is also put into the clan XP). This allows for people to show off how good their Clan truly is.
. - Levelling Up Could earn bonuses (+5 members per level?)
. - Every 10 clan levels your clan tag changes color
. - Level 10=yellow clan tag
. - Level 20=white clan tag
. - Level 30=Any color?

- All clans can have their reserved and non copy-able tags (solo players can set their clan tag to anything)

- Clan ranks like Member, Officer and Leader

- Clan Tournaments!!! 8-16 clans all enter a pool (2v2, 3v3 lobbies) and they fight. When a clan loses they get kicked out of the tournament. At the end, clans could earn large sums of XP based on their position in the tournament (This will be hard to maintain thought because if their are 4 games at once and the first game is done quickly, they have to stare at their screen for awhile until the next team finishes)

- Clan Battles, this will be a third option in the play menu, there will be normal, party and clan battles. When selecting that option, it brings to to a ~Clan lobby~. Any member of your clan thats in the clan battle tab will be put in your lobby, whichever player is higher ranked will be the host. They can then join or create a lobby (if players are same rank then first one in lobby gets host)

This is just a few suggestions that I've come up with over the time that I've played bad eggs, I have more suggestions but these are the main points.


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12-14-2016, 08:05 AM
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RE: Clan System

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12-14-2016, 08:12 AM
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RE: Clan System
Nice ideas, I support!

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Made by Chou Smiley_Heart Smiley_Kiss (bff & clan leader, I love u :*).
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12-14-2016, 02:32 PM
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RE: Clan System
Here's a list of every similar suggestion: (this one was the most detailed)

As you can see, this has been suggested many times (there's even more than these, but they were the closest matches to yours). In each one, there's various reasons why it would not be added, the most common and simplest answer is that it's too complex to add without completely redoing the current clan system. The recent additional answer is in regards to game development. BEO2 is already out of "active" development, many of the players who supported those other threads/ideas have already left the game, and the Donkins are currently working on their next game. Each of those is adequate enough to say that there's no need to add anything like this at this point in BEO development.

That is not, to say, that something similar won't be added in the next game.

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12-19-2016, 08:52 PM (This post was last modified: 12-19-2016 08:52 PM by [F†i™]Alabamas1.)
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RE: Clan System
As It would seem like a good idea to add that to the game, It would be much too complex!
The Idea of clans in BEO is free. There are no rules with in the game that even associate with clans.
Thus, this idea would be nice if the game had a system for clans in game that was organized.
A few examples of games that use those types of systems are :
Tribal wars
Tanki Online(the "clan" system was implemented recently)
BEO is not like this games. There has yet to be made an organized system for clans in game aside from the TAG and the forum, so there is really no need for a clan button in the profile.
Excuse me for my poor english today, but i am feeling under the weather and im not thinking straight.
As always, have a great day!

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