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Make All time leaderboards important again
04-06-2016, 12:59 PM (This post was last modified: 04-06-2016 01:09 PM by Echo (L93).)
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Make All time leaderboards important again
It's me posting suggestions?

Here's something that's been irritating me for quite awhile.

Ever since the beginning of beo, there was some type of leaderboard, (except for in BEO2 beta). This was to show the theorized "top players" of the game.

Originally there was one leaderboard, with 20 names. That's it. To get on it was difficult, and was a very great achievement even when the game was getting older. Most of these players were thought highly of, all in their different aspects. Just to name notables not including myself such as Hayek, Thom, Grim, nevermissin, Betty, Sensei, kutu, EVANGELION etc etc... the list goes on. In BEO1 each person on it was rather well known by everyone in the community. Not just the people who were on the forum. It was a privilege, not a right, to be on it.

Now switching gears to BEO2

In BEO2 there's xp kills and wins and 100 slots, and although I don't endorse the other two (as I am more so tied to the original lb theory of 20) I still believe in most cases, these people should be recognized for their achievements.

There's one major obstacle in that, and that is the failed experiment known as the monthly leaderboard.

This was implimented shortly after the commencing of my hiatus in August 2014. Immediately it was placed as superior to the all time leaderboard, being the first leaderboard you see. Allowing any user to get on the newly designed leaderboard.

Doesn't the defeat the purpose of an actual leaderboard?

Now what is the meaning of an "actual leaderboard"? I explained it above but I'll give a simplier definition here

Leaderboards in any game are a placement based off of achievement in a certain area.

Now I never said there aren't monthly leaderboards in other games, but they surely don't take precedence over the one that I frankly view as the most accurate.

The goal of a leaderboard is to be recognized for an individuals effort and hard work. Yes, same goes with monthly, but those who have outstanding achievements
The precedence would of made sense if it was there for the first few months as showing off a new update. However since August of 2014 it's been in the same exact place it's always has been.

That, is plainly unfair for those who put effort into their leaderboard hunt. Here's to point out some of the downsides, with a side of evidence for most of these reasons.

- The general community often refer to the monthly leaderboard for placement -

In my case, it does get a little disheartening when people join your games and say "oh I saw you on the leaderboard, your 7th" After countless hours of dedication to this game, I, along with many others, do not want to hear something in terms of that. Although I personally don't care about my actual placement, I'd rather be referred to the actual rank I have obtained.

- Monthly leaderboard promotes cheaters -

With said above saying anyone can become "the community's #1". Oftentimes those are people who like to play ill-legitimately. Yes I know the all time is littered with cheaters as well, as I have taken time to study those who have been tied to cheating. But in this day in age, the all-time is clearly a better route versus the monthly as taking precedence. Roughly half out of the people on the first 3 pages on monthly leaderboard have admitted to cheating and have done it, or it can be calculated that they have done it based on placement jumps certain times a month.

I'll add to this my initial response to the addition of this leaderboard, and my points were widely agreed on by many individuals.

[Image: qMSncNv.png]

The statements in the post prove true to this very day, nothing has changed, the experiment failed, it's time to put it as the secondary option.

- Monthly leaderboard a a haven for shared accounts -

This one is obvious. Although the Donkins are banning shared accounts once more, they still trot their way into the top 20 on monthly leaderboards for months at a time, diminishing the chance of seeing users who put effort to be on these front pages. By the time the accounts are banned more just keep coming back. It's a normal cycle on this game but this leaderboard is doing nothing but encouraging people to share their accounts to see their names on the board for a few months.

- What ever happened to sportsmanship -

Along with everything said, haven't we seen quite a few hostilities come from this leaderboard? More than I thought would ever happen Sure I as well as the next guy values competition, but not when it comes to insulting one another. With that being said, if one decides to cheat so will the people against him to become "better" than him with more xp.

- It resets, and gives false popularity -

This is the big one. It resets. Period. All-time doesn't. Sure it promotes people to keep going at it but at the same time how about giving the sense of "popularity" to those who actually stay committed and active to the game. Instead of these people who go for most xp in one or two months then completely shut down on playing.

[Image: UwYusiE.png]

Getting the most XP everymonth shouldn't be an uphill struggle for fame like it is today. Simply said it destroys the aspect every game should have, it's called fun times.

- By the beginning of 2015 the monthly leaderboard has been exaggerated and overestimated -

For said reasons above, the users on it simply don't deserve the "popularity" everyone on it seems to want as opposed to those who have been around for a very long time working up the ranks.

- Statistics for those who view it in that sense -

On the monthly leaderboard, the following has reigned true for over a year


~5/10 people on the first page of monthly leaderboard are shared accounts by the end of every month.
~2/10 being statboosters of the remaining 5 every month
Out of the 100 half of these people are not skilled players in any setting. This includes those who use big explosions.
These players are becoming increasingly hostile towards others.
Many newer users refer this as the real leaderboard since it's the first one they see.

It's about time we put a change to all of this. So here is my suggestion/proposition.

Here's three potential solutions

I. Place All-Time leaderboards as the default leaderboard to access

II. Show monthly leaderboard for those who are on it

III. Completely disable monthly leaderboard

The information you need is right above these choices, as well as your own insight.

- I view it this way, the simple switching of leaderboards over (all time XP will be the first one you see just like it was for the previous 3 years) The individual sees this loading it would pay off eventually. It would put importance back into the all-time old-timers further felt achievement of their dedication. It may not be based on skill, as only an ELO system can do that, but what is being suggested is far better than what it has become.

And lastly, before anyone starts to think "you are suggesting this to increase your own fame" It strictly isn't for that reason, I want the people who have worked hard to be recognized like they used to be. As someone who continually suffers from this, I felt like it was right for me to post this here on behalf of all users who have put years of effort and dedication into this game a chance of revival of what they deserve.

Feel free to discuss your opinion at length on this, but remember to be civil and respectful of others opinions to the situation.

Would most definitely want developer response/insight as well for further investigation.

Let's award those who truly deserve recognition for their outstanding efforts.

[Image: giphy.gif]
"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin
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04-06-2016, 03:23 PM
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RE: Make All time leaderboards important again
You're a booster hun lolllllllllll, you cheat and hack, have no skills, get beat by me hun lollllllllll. You have no fame, I gave it to you lolllllllll.

Ok, all seriousness, I am all for the idea of placing all time as the default because as you said it will be the first thing you see and everyone will hopefully try to aspire to reach it, rather than boost along on a monthly board.

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04-06-2016, 06:45 PM
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RE: Make All time leaderboards important again
I agree praise the wisdom. I play with bouncy walls and wind. Does that mean I ain' t skilled

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