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new gamemodes? new things are interesting :)
02-17-2016, 05:42 AM (This post was last modified: 02-17-2016 05:45 AM by ilikenoah.)
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new gamemodes? new things are interesting :)
well i got pro recently and i thought of a few new modes and other stuffs that could be very useful and fun! Smiley_Smile

Mode setting a single grav

Since rg has been out for like a long time and this hasn't been put in I'm kinda surprised.. thought of it at the same time someone else did in the same game Smiley_Tongue. So there's 15 gravs and there could be like a toggle to set it to the gravity u want... it would be a whole new mode between low g and random g bc variation ^_^ idk how 14 or 15 would work on some maps tho because of land so maybe only certain gravs could be added instead of just all or nothing. or maybe don't allow higher gravity on those huge terrain maps. it would let u be able to focus on each gravity individually or if u want to study the gravs by switching them each game instead of getting a gravity between 1-15 each turn

No seeker mode

it gets really annoying when ppl come into a 1v1 lobby and try to win using seekers and easy wpns like plasma, rc swarm or egg seeker. A way to have a mode that disables those weapons would be very nice and would help people learn how to aim in harder modes! Smiley_Smile

Portal that can be toggled for every map

theres only one map pack w/ portals... it would be really cool to be able to use portals on all maps. it can be a toggled mode. i was excited that a portal mode came out only to find out i had to buy a map pack to use them and they only were on like 5 maps. a random amount of portals would spawn every game if toggled... idk like between 2 and 4 if there's space on the map.

Hidden mines toggle

only for all the random maps but these would detonate doing like -5 dmg to the person who is right under one at the end of a full turn. (when everyone else has already gone) they would only explode if some1 is right under them and they wont spawn exactly where the eggs spawn, they will be random and there will only be like 4-6 on each map. size will be a little less than the width of an egg

New toggle for how weapons generate each game

i didnt think about this too much but i compared it to stash. there are 4 levels of stash. now that we know that (idk why I wrote that) when the game begins u spawn with 1 of each category and only have 1 ammo of it. its kinda like roulette mode except u have 4 weapons to start out with. once all of those wpns are used u get a new set. lets say u used 2 of them and the other ones are not good for ur situation. u can throw away all the remaining weapons and then 4 more spawn. ofc it wouldn't be all stash it would just be the weapons u have based on the stash scale Smiley_Smile

Toggle for switching wpns

ik I've been in this situation a lot. I thought it can work in 2 diff ways.

1. u can swap 1 wpn with each teammate u have only once in the entire game. it would take the person who requested to swaps turn


2. when one of ur teammates die the first one of ur team to walk to it would be able to pick up one of the stronger weapons but it would take their turn.

it wouldn't be overpowered since it does take away the persons turn... and every turn counts.

Change skill shot dmg

When i first played it b4 i got pro i was disappointed in it and i still am tbh. its not really skill if ur opponent goes to one corner of the map and so do u... it doesn't promote ppl moving around the map so the other has to change their aim.. it should depend on something more precise... like air time or difficulty of shot in other modes like wind. a half map shot with a mortar in medium wind is not as easy for most ppl... but it will only do like 32 instead of 46...

also the thing where health potions dont heal u full... or close dmg weapons don't do any dmg that's kinda a prob and in tight spots w/o teleport that's a really long game...

When any wall is on it can only be hit so much before the part breaks

well I pretty much wrote the suggestion there lol but maybe explosion wepns can cause damage to walls. it could damage the wall a little bit. the bigger or more powerful the explosions are the more it would dmg it. It would be a option when adding walls.. since ik how everyone loves their walls.. -_-

1v2 gamemode .. not a pro setting but meh

well says it all really lol its a challenge for those who are skilled enough to play against 2 ppl at once. imagine having them battle in difficult settings with that single player having a last stand! ^_^ it makes them feel honored that they triumphed to win and imo it could never get old! Smiley_BigGrin

I had a few more but I forgot.. its hard to remember so much :/

well i guess thats it hehe Smiley_Tongue wont be surprised if anyone sees this Smiley_XD

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02-17-2016, 05:49 AM
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RE: new gamemodes? new things are interesting :)
No seeker please, more skilled than skill shot... Every game needs a ''hardcore'' mode. Smiley_Wink
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02-17-2016, 10:39 AM
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RE: new gamemodes? new things are interesting :)
I like this idea all though i have had pro since the game came out. Modes have been same for awhile. I wouldnt mind seeing something new.

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02-17-2016, 06:24 PM
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RE: new gamemodes? new things are interesting :)
Wow i love your ideas!Great job Grandma Smiley_Tongue .Wait,since when do you have pro...

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02-17-2016, 08:04 PM
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RE: new gamemodes? new things are interesting :)
Nice ideas, there wasn't any update for more than 2 months and we need one!
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02-18-2016, 06:34 AM
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RE: new gamemodes? new things are interesting :)
Ready for your friendly constructive criticism noah?

RG setting idea:
neat, though something that has been suggested before. You are correct though that high enough gravity would make certain games completely un-finishable unless you totally destroyed all the terrain. Very long and painful games those would be.

No Seeker:
While i agree this can be very annoying, (i've lost a few battles i deserved to win due to someone having 3 plasma balls that couldn't aim), in the end you'd have to add into that list the ice dragon, deaths hand, meteors and pretty much anything that's overly easy to use. (that includes DFA's as well as the original airstrike).
If you were to ignore those factors and strictly just enforce the no-seeker weapon option, then you'd have to have something to compensate those people with. These are singular weapons in a paid for pack you're talking about. Most people wouldn't give those up without some sort of compensation in return.

Portal Mode:
I believe portals should be randomly placed on each map, not predesignated. The portal maps get insanely dull once you've played on them.
Overall though nice idea.

Hidden Mine:
I'm a HUGE fan and proactive support of anything trap-related in the game. Something with a bit more danger! More action! More......romance Smiley_Heart Smiley_Wink lol

Generate Weapons Toggle:
I'm unsure about this one. To be honest it would be something I'd have to try out in-game before I could come to a clear support or disapproval of it.
I do enjoy the fact that people can't just use w/e stash they have whenever they want, but then again isn't that kind of the point of the stash?

Switching Weapons: (or pickup weapons)
I'm indifferent on this one. I really feel like this could get abused with the right strategic combination. Then again that would require excellent strategy between a pair of people.

Skill Shot Damage:
Ever tried that on looping? It's completely ridiculous. 2 People sit on either ends of the map shooting directly at each other. Worse than 2x Xplosion.
"also the thing where health potions dont heal u full"
100% agree

Your....i guess HP to Terrain suggestion:
VERY similar to something troll2 has suggested as well as some ideas i've come up with in the past. I admit yours is different, just similar.
OH, i misunderstood you. You mean like say you have a bouncy wall and after it is used up so much that section disappears? That's really neat, but there are 2 other types of wall settings. Solid, looping. Would you suggest the same for those as well?

1v2 Mode:
YES! Can I just say, YES. I love to push myself to a challenge.
I do 1v1v1 quite frequently and it almost always ends up being a 1v2 anyways. This would just fully integrate it into a 1v2. (not to mention other applications i can see for this mode)

I would like to add that i STILL believe that the way you pick & choose maps having to click click click click click click click until you get the one you want is ridiculous. It should be set up the same way as your weapon inventory in the game.

Nice ideas noah. Keep em coming.

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