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Temperture mode
08-05-2015, 11:26 AM
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RE: Temperture mode
Omg Gen, this is a complete great idea, I totally agree with this. I wish Donkins read this and put it on the game.

(07-31-2015 01:54 AM)tenchi Wrote:  This isn't a good idea, just stating it simply here at the beginning. First, most people in the world use Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Secondly, you're incorporating the weapon effects into the maps themselves (especially the ice ones), which means that there's no point in having them in the game. Finally, there's no way that you can implement this as "randomly changing" because the maps are set for the duration of the match. If you change the "temperature", then you would effectively need to change the map in the middle of the game.

Well Tenchi i disagree with you, those reasons are not enough to eliminate the idea, first, people should learn celsius or fahrenheit, that's not hard to learn, it just takes minutes -.- it is 100 times more difficult how to play with wind and grav, so i dont see any problem with that... Second, it is a mode game, so just not allowed ice or fire weapons in the mode, it is like a roof in the game, no air weapons... And i didn't understand your third point.
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