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Terrain suggestion
07-19-2015, 05:50 AM
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RE: Terrain suggestion
@Jach: I can imagine that annoying a lot of people who like the jump setting! Smiley_Tongue

@Vexis: I used an image of a swamp tree for inspiration, replicating the texture by using layers and adjusting noise and blurring on Gimp. Smiley_Smile I used the Smudge tool afterwards to smooth out the streaks, followed by a contrast/lighting adjustment to fade it into the background, as well as an 'Oilify' effect. They're all the same tree, as I was too lazy to create a new tree each time. Just resized them.

Inspiration for the trees were taken from this picture:

Spoiler :
[Image: swamp.jpg?1310764573]

[Image: jXtvKC8.png]
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