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Jachym's new ideas
06-12-2015, 12:34 AM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2015 12:54 AM by Jach.)
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Lightbulb Jachym's new ideas
Enjoy my ideas Smiley_Smile.

New weapon pack:

Electric Dynamite - a blue dynamite that needs 5 seconds to explode and is heavy so it won't fly that far. After the time runs out, the dynamite will shoot electric bolt on nearest eggs (the electricity goes through terrain) and then it explodes dealing damage 10.

Donut - throw a donut with pink icing and colorful sprinkles. After 3 seconds it will explode doing small hole in the terrain and dealing damage 3. You know, chickens love donuts, so there will appear a chicken on the place of explosion. The chicken has got normal shell, he's immortal (the enemies won't get any xp by shooting on him) and he has got normal arsenal of weapons (only weapons available from level 1). This chicken is controlled by the guy that threw the donut, but after 3 rounds it will die, flying to heaven. If someone creates this chicken and leaves, the chicken will die too. So your team has got 1 more member for 3 rounds. Sometimes I have a low lvl teammate and he gets chicken and I'm angry about it, so I could use donut to create my own chicken.

Swarm of Knives - throw 30 small knives each dealing damage 1. They have got same physics as normal knife. This weapon isn't that powerful on a big distance.

Double Bouncer - shoot two balls, one with red and white stripes, second with green and yellow stripes, each will bounce 5 times and then explode dealing damage 16. Max damage 32.

Icy Ray - shoot icy ray that will freeze your enemies. It flies only straight (like sniper), it deals damage 15, it can freeze only one player because it doesn't explode or make the snowflake radius (like ice bow).

Crazy pro settings:

Secret Button mode - you will be able to choose if there will be the secret button in your game, that would be cool and crazy.

Dark Game - the game will be dark, so you won't be able to see the terrain. You'll see other players, your aim and the wind (or random gravity). That would be crazy if someone fell in a hole because he didn't saw it Smiley_XD.

A map:

Statue of Libeggty - grey flat ground and a Statue of Liberty in the middle. It would have a grey egg with the liberty crown instead of head. The New York City as a background.

Thanks for reading Smiley_Smile.
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