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Moderater Of The Week
05-23-2015, 03:59 AM
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RE: Moderater Of The Week
This is no different than the other "more mods" threads, at least, at it's basic principles...just more troublesome.

What it comes down to is that changing the person every week would be a hassle for the Donkins (since they're the only ones who CAN change the powers of users to that degree). While Grim and Mageg would have a say in the results, they wouldn't be able to give Mod-ship to anyone.

Lastly, if we needed another moderator, then the Donkins would take care of that. It's been brought up multiple times (in PM and in threads) and can be safely said that they are not currently planning to add a 3rd moderator to the game/forums. That said, if they ever do decide to add another mod, then they would discuss it with that person at that time.

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