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shells and guns
04-20-2015, 08:06 AM
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shells and guns
First i wanna tell that is my irst ideas for shellsand guns and i was trying to imagine eggs here and my last 1 week..
And the 2th some wanted sports shells and sport pack

[b]Sport pack
Name:Tennis bombs
Imaginetion:They are tennis balls just the have. ''Clock'' to srr how many time they have for ''bam''Smiley_XD

Name:Basketball bazooka
Imaginetion:Like big-boom just its orenge and black ans inside it has a place for the balls(it shot with 3 balls not all toghether)

Name:Tennis ''pan''
Imaginetion:Its like pan but no...its a tennis racket(1 time stronger thn pan)

Name:golf nightmare
Imaginetion:Its a little golf ball and when you throw to other its doing 6 times ''bam''

Name:Bowlling rain
Imaginetion:Its like meteors just its ''rainning''huge bowlling balls

Sport shells

1)Name:olympin egg
Imaginetin:He is an egg with shorts and under his face 2 metals

Imaginetion:A bandana at his hair,short red pants with yellow and a T-shirt with no 65,yellow with red

3)Name:no yet
Imaginetion:no yet

Other shells comming soon!

Long live Jahseh
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