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Simple Suggestions
04-06-2015, 09:08 AM (This post was last modified: 04-06-2015 09:10 AM by 1337.)
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RE: Simple Suggestions
I really like the idea of Hot keys, although it could be hard to hot key each weapon as you may have more than 10 in your load-out. Maybe it could 1,2,3,4 for each weapon category colour. And then a further 1,2,3 etc for the weapon within such category.

The talking eggs feature sounds pretty cool too, I always play on mute as I cannot stand the BEO music anymore. But maybe sounds would give it a nice variation.

I really like the Campaign idea, I can imagine the bosses like as you said with maybe an aimbot, or moving as you try to shoot. It sounds really fun, and won't be as competitive as the usual game.

I like the idea of Replay, kinda like the Kill cams on COD? But obviously with more to it than just the last kill. That would be pretty cool, even if it only showed the shots with 40dmg+

Developing the game further - I personally stopped playing for a week or so when I was around lvl 70. I simply threw it to the side as I didn't think their was much point playing anymore. Therefore I support your idea of continuing the unlockable weapons/shells from lvl 49. I was honestly surprised there was no lvl 99 weapon, anyone would be motivated to unlock that bad boy.

I like the last idea of yours, but I do think that too many people would use it. And we'd just have games of no one being able to hit eachother lol. It is a nice idea though.

I see you've put a lot of thought in to this thread, I really like your ideas and hope the Donkin's can make some of them happen Smiley_Smile
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