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09-14-2014, 03:50 PM
Post: #11
I agree that making the mute feature more prominently visible would definitely help with this issue.

Anyway, we basically have an unsolvable problem with the current resources. The fact is, computers suck at analyzing human speech. The idea of a computer interpreting natural language (natural language being the languages humans commonly use to talk, like English) has been around for at least 40 years, and it's still very far from becoming reality.

So, since we cannot rely on any server feature analysing and parsing the chat to ensure it's not bad (this simply doesn't work), we have a very short list of possible courses of action:
  • Do nothing. This is what probably will happen, too. No benefits or losses -- it's the null option.
  • Remove the chat. Of course all bad chatting stops, but you're losing a very useful feature, and probably quite a few users with it, too.
  • Make the chat restricted to a limited number of options. Doesn't matter if ten or a thousand, the chat becomes unusable for most purposes. A chat like this loses the conversational feel of a normal chat -- you can't actually talk with someone through it. And considering that most people don't care about someone only saying "go left" or "don't shoot", it's the same as the chat being removed.
  • Restrict access to the chat. This basically means that some people cannot chat. However, this is basically relying on the community -- something that utterly fails, as you can see by the lots of people who lose rep points to spurious random reports.

The only real solution to this is have human moderators review chat reports -- but the sheer volume of the reports makes this nearly impossible to implement.

All in all, best solution we have is to do nothing.
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09-14-2014, 05:55 PM
Post: #12
Ew no, this would be like the Poptropica chat.

It's so annoying and just pointless. If someone is spamming or swearing, ignore them and/or turn off the chat.

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09-14-2014, 07:01 PM
Post: #13
I will have to agree with Seshomaru, I have encountered a lot of annoying people in my time of BEO2
*in game gaming* and most of the time its just like "Okay you know what buddy I have had enough *Mutes the person*"
and BOOM!!! Problemo solved Smiley_Wink.

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