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Credit Fun
07-27-2014, 02:43 AM
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RE: Credit Fun
(07-27-2014 01:10 AM)troll2 Wrote:  we have more than 4 ways to get free creds, (referal, gives way, superrewards, contests , kongregate, etc) so please stop
this thread is only one of those that do not help to forum and game , and just its a waste of space in BEO2 server.

whoa troll dude calm down ok this is just a suggestion bro there are no
right or wrong answers and this guy is just looking for some feed back not a hateful comment

as for the give aways they only happen on holidays and not on every holiday only on like 2 or 3 hoidays the contest
well if you havent notice rob and john havent made a contest in a very long time... as for the kong im sure half of the ppl on beo2 use the official site or notdoppler.com or something

hes not begging for credits hes suggesting a credit give away idea

bro loving the idea and i see how you say it shows up rarely how about it shows up as much
times as the box shows up (that box button thing that usually happens in the middle of the field)

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