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Rob/John Thanksgiving Egg Shells Pack!
11-07-2013, 02:45 PM
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Rob/John Thanksgiving Egg Shells Pack!
Hey guys! This is the Ultimate Thanksgiving Thread! Here I will show you guys my Thanksgiving themed BEO2 egg shells. I hope you like them and would love to see something similar(if not these ideas) in-game as a Thanksgiving Update. I apologize for bad quality in advance. I didnt know how to enlarge the Egg and keep its original look. Sorry
Desc: Traveled with the Pilgrims to the New World. Now here to take over Egg World.
Avatar Size:
[Image: 1498gvs.jpg]
Enlarged Size:(Sorry for bad quality)
[Image: 2zgrjux.jpg]

Aztec Indian:
Desc: Here to take revenge on the Pilgrims that invaded his land.
Original Size:(Yes, this is the BEO1 platform of the egg)
[Image: 91ji2e.jpg]
Desc: Thanksgiving is meant for giving thanks, not eating me and my family!
Avatar Size:
[Image: jsm452.png]
Enlarged Size: (Truly sorry for this one)
[Image: 2ykmlw3_th.jpg]

I am done for tonight. More to come tomorrow.
Ideas for upcoming desgins:

I hope you like them, thats it for today! Cheers!
I would be so happy if we get these ideas in-game, even if they arent my shells. Just something related to Thanksgiving!

[Image: 11l0lxt.png]
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