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Getting reported and harassed for nothing!
02-16-2020, 08:13 PM (This post was last modified: 02-16-2020 08:13 PM by tenchi.)
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RE: Getting reported and harassed for nothing!
As I usually say in these kinds of situations, there's no need to publicize the accounts involved in alleged hacking or rules violations.

What you need to do, in this order, is:
1. Get proof.
You have proof, then we can do something about it. The evidence can be pictures (chat related behavior) or videos (pretty much everything else).
2. Report it to us.
The "us" meaning the Donkins (shared accounts and hacking or account recovery) or a moderator (chat behaviors). When you message us on here, privately of course, please make sure to include the evidence.
3. Be patient.
We don't live in the game and everyone has other responsibilities they need to take care of in the real world. We try to be as prompt in dealing with things as possible, but it still could be a day or two before we actually have a chance to deal with it.
4. Respect the choices we make.
You may or may not like the results, but please remember that we have to weigh our actions to what the person does. I, myself, will give 2 warnings before removing a person's chat (in most situations).

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