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Pokemon weapon? (weapon idea)
09-14-2016, 07:49 AM
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RE: Pokemon weapon? (weapon idea)
(09-14-2016 04:29 AM)snap Wrote:  How about adding a random teleport to the effect as well? OR gaining 2X XP as a status effect

Your ideas aren't bad, but there is already a weapon that's makes a player it hits randomly teleport "Atomiser" and the x2 xp I wouldn't class as a "status affect" (in my opinion) due to the fact that the definition of it is

"status effect is a temporary modification to a game character’s original set of stats"

Although it does use a "temporary modification" it doesn't really do a actual status effect (if anyone knows what I mean lol)

But that is just my opinion, not bad suggestions though. You should try and come up with some yourself, I think you would be good at it Smiley_Wink

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