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Smash's Suggestions Thread
08-28-2015, 02:27 AM (This post was last modified: 08-28-2015 02:32 AM by Sir Smashalot.)
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RE: Smash's Suggestions Thread
(08-28-2015 02:09 AM)Vexis Wrote:  if you're going to have a limited number of jumps, why not have a set number of jumps per game a person can jump. Like 15 or something.

Piling (as dastardly as it is, yes i don't like it either) is still a part of strategy. Back in my early days of beo1 when i used to play with my girlfriend(s) we would instantly target whomever had prestige and/or weapon packs first. Course i was a noob then with no packs, even still it is strategy.

Instead of having your fast map selection why not just have a window pop up with all of the maps just like your weapons do. That would solve the issue, 2-clicks to get to your favorite map.

I don't see a big difference how you number the jumps, but your idea works too, but of course some one could always save jumps for when they can get a chance to move really close to you. That's probably why I wanted to limit it to a few jumps per turn.

Yeah piling is a helpful strategy at times (not hardcore piling on some one though). But it is often misused. That's why I'd want the feature to be an option to choose from.

If you were skimming through the thread me and laser has thought of the similar map idea. But having it as a weapon layout is interesting.

Thanks for the feeds.

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