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Smash's Suggestions Thread
08-15-2015, 06:43 AM (This post was last modified: 08-25-2015 10:54 AM by Sir Smashalot.)
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Smash's Suggestions Thread
#1 Limited Jumping:

I was thinking earlier last week about limiting the amount of jumps a player can make per turn, how it works is it could give you a selection of 1-10 jumps per turn to choose from when creating your game. I personally love the jumping option as it is really effective and fun to make shots with in matches, but it just ends up allowing opponents to get as close as they can to you and making easy shots. This mode would also have others make wise decisions on how they use their jumps. Limiting how many jumps players can make each turn would add a good amount of strategy that I think many would enjoy.

#2 Anti-Pile Mode

So I absolutely can't stand when some one is receiving all of the damage on their team, especially when it's me. Now before I explain how this mode works, let me say it is a rather incomplete idea that probably has a few issues.

So let's say there is a 2vs2 match, and everyone starts with 100 health. So the red team decides to go for the higher level on the blue team first, and they eventually take away 80 HP from the higher level while the other team mate has remained at 100. There is now obviously an 80 health difference between the 2 team mates, with that taken place, the opposing team now loses 20 (or 10, just an example) health each. It can kill one of the pilers if their HP is equal with or below the amount of health that has been taken away.

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#3 Fast Map Selecting

Do you hate clicking on the mouse a hundred times a day to get to your map of choice like a big stupid monkey? Me too!

Idea is short and simple. When selecting from the big number of maps to choose from, you can hold in one of the left or right arrows under the map area, and the maps will automatically rotate quickly, but fast enough you can see what maps are passing as they go by. Just something I think should be improved that has been bothersome to me for awhile, I'm sure others could relate...

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