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A way to pervent arguments on the forum
07-29-2015, 07:40 AM (This post was last modified: 07-29-2015 07:43 AM by [FTF] Gen. Goonday.)
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A way to pervent arguments on the forum
Now a few weeks there has been arguments in the clans and wars in the forum. Now I just had a really good idea to prevent this from happening again. When there might be a fight on the forum, please, make another rule saying that there should not be fights in any place in the forum. But If the rule is broken, make the user have 10%-30% Warning level depending on there behavior in the argument. Now If they are really a bad person and breaking the most important rules, please have them banned forever on the forums, and not make come back again.

This is just a big suggestion. Leave your feedback here and what you think of the idea.

I deleted the other one because of the poll and I had to redo it.
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