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Jachym's new ideas
06-12-2015, 07:36 AM
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RE: Jachym's new ideas
Double Bouncer is definitely my favorite one on the list. I can see it making it's way to the game.

The pro option button is very interesting.

I like the others as well, always nice to read your suggestions.
I'm not too fond of the multi-knife weapon though. Not that it's not unique, it is. But it's extremely weak considering the multi-missile is basically the same exact thing (same with multi-bouncer) big differences being that it is not affected by wind, and it has no Xplosion radius meaning no possibility of x2.
If anything, i'd say make it an unlockable weapon.

Speaking of unlockable weapons, with the new addition of the extended prestige levels it opens up a WHOLE new world of possibilities. Weapons, (shells? Donkins? Prestige Shells?) badges, name it.

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