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Alien Mode
04-03-2015, 06:28 AM (This post was last modified: 04-04-2015 06:35 AM by [FTF] Gen. Goonday.)
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Alien Mode
A little something interesting might come by this suggestion.

Alien Mode

How it works: you try to get as many aliens in their ship as you can. The time is 60 seconds

Maps: You can choose any map you want. But the aliens are more common at the space map.

Settings: You can also have power-ups on or off, can do multiplayer on or off, and also have health on or off.

Multiplayer mode: This mode can have 1 to 6 players. whoever gets the most aliens wins.

Single mode: Get many aliens as you can. The faster you kill them, the more they will be.

Power-ups: You can get extra 30 seconds, get random weapons, or you can get extra health.

Updates coming soon.

[email protected] The aliens come far far away from the alien battlefield. The shell has to be the alien one.


Leaderboard: they'll be 100 spots on the leaderboard. They"ll be in XP, kills, and deaths.

[email protected] You will have a health of 1000, if that runs out, you will be out.
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