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Upgrade Weapons & Other
01-22-2015, 09:00 PM (This post was last modified: 01-22-2015 09:24 PM by Vexis.)
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Upgrade Weapons & Other
I've posted this before, but with only the basic idea. I've spent some more time to refine my idea and really get the details down. I've taken the liberty to add in some visual representation to help support my idea.

The idea is if you sacrifice 2 shots of one weapon, you can upgrade it for a single more powerful shot. If you start out with 3 Bazookas, you sacrifice 2 for one upgraded bazooka, and you have 1 normal bazooka left.

Given that you can only have up to 3 of each weapon per game, you will only be able to upgrade one single weapon once per game. (either by sacrificing 2 to reach 0, or sacrificing 2 from 3 to have 1 left)

This will also work with stash weapons, which will promote people to want to buy stash weapons. Hear that Donkins?

They can even be unlocked to have the ability to upgrade certain weapons after each prestige. (IE: Prestige-1 : Unlocks Upgraded Bazooka & Bouncer)

These are all basic and normal weapons. No pack weapons.

The symbol for the upgrade will look like a little plus sign in the top-right section of your weapon. You must have the weapon selected in order to see it, and use it to upgrade.
[Image: UpgradeButton_zps384d4d7a.jpg]

Each weapon will have a certain visual effect that shows it has been upgraded. Each weapons visual effect varies in some way.

Certain weapons that are already powerful will not be allowed to be upgraded. (IE: Death From Above, Whirligig ect.)

Here is a few examples of what I have come up with.

Normal: 15
Upgraded: 25
[Image: Bazooka_zps5c774069.jpg]

Frying Pan
Normal: 20
Upgraded: 25
(Hits Enemies Farther)
[Image: Pan_zpsa5e1127d.jpg]

Splurge Gun
Normal: 20
Upgraded: 30
(Is Much Bigger. This Is On Normal Settings Not 2x Explosion)
[Image: Splurge_zps7b83cef0.jpg]

Bow And Arrow
Normal: 22
Upgraded: 33
(Golden Arrows: A Link To The Past Anyone?)
[Image: Arrow_zps64818977.jpg]

Egg Seeker
Normal: 15
Upgraded: 24 (12 dmg each)
(Fires Two)
[Image: EggSeeker_zps9984a88e.jpg]

Dirt Bomb
Normal: Dirt
Upgraded: Brick
(Harder To Shoot Through. Looks Like This Piggy Built His House Out Of Bricks)
[Image: Dirt_zps384755f0.jpg]

I know I said no pack weapons, but upgrading this would be epic and awesome.

Stone Wall
Normal: Stone Wall
Upgraded: Steel Wall
(Harder To Shoot Through / More Durable)
[Image: Wall_zpsc4f7c2e8.jpg]

This is an idea i have for a Katana Sword. It's very, very simple.
Name: Katana Sword
Damage: 40
Range: Very Close
[Image: Katana_zps10ab22ad.jpg]

Next is an idea that came to me while looking through shells. I honestly could probably come up with a unique weapon based on each shell. It's self explanatory mostly.

Weapon: Night Vision
Effect: Darkness (1 Round) User Can Fire A Normal Weapon & Move On His Turn Of Using It
[Image: NightVision_zps5ac0c5b7.jpg]

That's it for now. I've tons of ideas. It just takes time to put them all down.

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