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Matthew's Ideas ( New Ideas #7 and #8 )
01-18-2015, 06:46 PM (This post was last modified: 07-26-2015 06:29 AM by matthew0000.)
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Matthew's Ideas ( New Ideas #7 and #8 )
Hello Everybody

Idea Number 1

I came up with the idea of aim resetting after your shot. For me it's boring that people just press spacebar after they aim once and then their just keep pressing spacebar. If the game would have aim resetting, then the players would improve aim and become much better at aiming and would be fewer amateurs in the game.

Idea Number 2

Today Me and my friend, we played on random platforms maps, and we saw some really cool and interesting maps and I came up with an idea that the Donkins could add a five slots map for 50 credits for now, where the user can add a map that is randomly generated to their map slots. This mean that the player could play this map at any time. Players will be able to just add a map that were at the very beginning of the game, If the map has changed by an explosion then the player will still get a map how was looked at the beginning of the game. The player can remove the maps from their slots at any time. I think this should be in the same place as the map packs, and I hope that this idea will appear in the game soon since I think this can be an alternative way of map producing (which will never occur in the game).

Idea Number 3

This idea is about adding new shells inside of the game. The shells are:

[Image: fi8sww.jpg]

[Image: 092vit.jpg]

I know that these shells were already in BEO1, but I know that these shells are excellent and will sell well in the game which will bring impressive profit for the game because at least 7 of my friends will purchase it at least one of them.

Idea Number 4

This idea is about deactivate the quit button while you are in the game. The quit button would be activated after the game has finished. This is because too many people quit the game after first fail or if an opponent did a great shot. If the person wants to leave the game, he can just close the tab or close the browser. For me is so irritating that I can not get kills because 8/10 people quit the game at the start or the end so you won't get any kills. Smiley_Sad This idea would reduce rage quitters by at least 50% and the game will be much better.

Idea Number 5

This idea is about the players who run away from the game. Now in this game, if a player has escaped from the game, and the chicken has appeared and you haven't killed him then you won't get a kill for that egg. So my idea is if you inflicted damage at least 50% or more of the player HP (Health) then you will get a kill for that egg event if he left the game.

Example; I play 200 hp game, and I do 105 damage to that player, and this player has left the game so in this case I will get his kill since I did more than 50% of hp. If I did less than 50%, then you won't get a kill for that egg.

I hope I explained clearly, and you can understand what I mean and I think that it would improve a game a bit because the players will not longer get pissed soo much on these players who run away at the end of the game for nothing.

Idea Number 6

This idea is half my and half FirstAidKit.
We came up with an idea to do something to bring old, great players such as Kurtz, Beta players, AlexPl and many more to this game. Without them people, this game is dead and without any challenge.
Everyone knows that these days only new players play (with little experience and skills) and those who cheats like boost or sharing accounts. Only a few good players on the level has stayed in this game.

So the idea is that the developers should organise tournaments and different types of competitions. Tournaments could be organised let's say every 2/3 mounts with a little price for the winner.

Tournaments could be different each time for example; the first one could be for non-pro players or the other could be for everyone with various settings.

To motivate players and bring them to this game they could add a price for the winner for example for a non-pro tournament the price could be PRO or they could give special shell, achievement or like 100 credit. They also could add a price for second and third place players like little let's say 50 and 25 credits ( this is an only idea).

This could be of beneficial because it would have attracted a lot of players that had gone and that motivated new, inexperienced players to play better because maybe one day they would have won a small tournament.

They also could make a Hall of Fame in the forum or website for players that have won the tournament.
This would require some time and effort, but I think that I and the people would help you in organising these types of tournaments and competitions so, therefore I think that it is worth to try something like that introduced into this game.

***NEW*** Idea Number 7

Do you hate people who shot random and hit a player? Then this idea would be good for you.

This idea involves marking an opponent in which you want to hit and when you hitted it the selected player than the damage would be the same as it normal. However, if you selected player but you did damage to another player then the total damage would be decreased to half for example bazooka do 15 dmg minus half = 7 total dmg.

This mode would be only working with 2vs2, 3vs3, 2vs2vs2, 1vs1vs1 and 1vs1vs1vs1 games.
This can only be good if you are playing on hard maps such as The Pearly Gates or Highrise. It would be a way to easy on flats maps, and it would be boring to play.

***NEW*** Idea Number 8


This idea is an about the new game settings. Maybe this idea is not that good but I thought that I will add it to my suggestions list since players and developers might like that idea.

This idea would work just like a poison that is in the game, and it would take only one life from every player in every turn of each individual players, no matter whether you are on the same team or not.

With this setting, the players would have to do new tactics to the game and play faster to survive the poison and attacks from the opposite team.

Example: You play 2 vs 2 game, with 150 hp. You start the game and at the end of your turn, each player has 149 hp because of the poison. In your next turn, each player will have a 146 + dmg that they did.


The 8B idea is very similar to 8A because instead of subtract one life from the player it would add one life to your player.

This system would operate the same as 8A idea. In this idea poison, fire and ice would stopped working at the end of your turn because it would heal all the effects by adding one life.

Thank you and be welcome to review and leave positive and negative comments.

Matthew Smiley_Smile
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