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Username Option
11-18-2013, 08:22 AM (This post was last modified: 11-18-2013 12:29 PM by Goodkid.)
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Username Option
Hey all. Just wanted to bring up a point here.
As most of you will know, the BEO1 forum gave us the option to change our display name as much as we wanted. This feature was removed, and rightfully so.

However, I propose a system in which a member is allowed to change his/her username (or display name) once every month, 90 days, or even 6 months. This would eliminate username spammers, impersonators, and general confusion; but it would accommodate people who have given serious thought to their change, and only really want to do it once.
To clarify, this suggestion is for the forum, not in-game.

I'm not crazy. Other forums do it.
Exhibit A.- NintendoLife:
[Image: upwsy.png]

Every 90 days, that's reasonable. It may be a little too short, though.

Exhibit B.- TerrariaOnline:
[Image: 12496d1.png]

This one is especially great. 6 months prevents spammers, and the requirement to PM an admin with your request eliminates impersonators and offensive usernames.

I hope you guys take my request into consideration. This is actually a very nice feature, especially when multiple accounts are not permitted.

Thanks for reading.

"Inside this shell there's a prison cell." -Jon Foreman
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