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04-04-2014, 10:27 AM
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Akozak put it best here, if you could remove posts from threads without mod intervention, then it gets to the point where everyone makes posts and deletes the comments themselves. This eliminates the need for moderators in the first place and invites complete chaos and anarchy. In another thread, you said that I (and many others are mean). Granted the readers of each post make their own decisions, if you read some of the "mean" comments like the ones made by myself and others, they are trying to help develop ideas further and/or keep people from being forum banned. Everyone who has posted has seen me do this at some point or another and they've also seen me encourage people.

The report button really is the best option since both Grim and Mageg know the rules of the forums fairly intimately. I can't help if you think that I'm mean or rude, but that won't keep me from posting my "mean" comments and providing feedback to other players as this could spark a discussion of ways to improve their suggestion/clan or point out other existing flaws.

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