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egg basketball
04-10-2015, 01:49 AM
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egg basketball
Hey all, who likes basketball, who likes eggs, then who wouldn't love egg basketball. This sport has been enjoyed by many all over the egg lands, and now to come here, to beo2!

[Image: udpoal868c4.gif]
[Image: lsvmlm8.png]
[Image: Zhp0OLw.jpg]
It's not that I fear in my own self-confidence, it's that the others fear in it.
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04-10-2015, 09:11 AM (This post was last modified: 04-10-2015 09:40 AM by ☬BlackDragonDrago☢.)
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RE: egg basketball
Yo Bigbro I'm so for this idea it looks awesome. Oh and I couldn't help but notice the google notifications hang out thing like at the right hand side of your computer. Smiley_Shocked Smiley_Shocked I've been getting that too lately and I just like...click out of it. But now that i see like you can talk to people on it Smiley_XD Smiley_XD I guess I won't close out of it anymore Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_Smile.

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